Anyone following the saga of the Maidstone Wargames Society Pegasus Bridge game will be aware that one of the items needed is a German Vorpostenboot (literally ‘outpost boat’). No model of this is available in 1/300th scale, I once again went down the 3D printing route and created a computer model which we shipped off to Shapeways. The finished model has come back and once again we’re more than pleased with what we received.

Unpainted Vorpostenboot
Unpainted Vorpostenboot

The model was equipped with a selection of AA weapons from Heroics and Ros (thanks to Andy at H&R for sorting out something for the main gun !) and hurriedly painted for a run through of the game last weekend.

Vorpostenboot V 212 Fritz Busse on the Caen Canal

The model still needs finishing with detail painting and ink washes. If there is time I’d also like to give it a crew, but I suspect that pressures of finishing the rest of the models will count against me there.