Za Rodina !

Ages ago (well, six months-ish) we announced we were going to revamp the 15mm range – essentially scrapping pretty much all of the existing models, replacing them with new 3D sculpts and at the same time making all of the models slightly larger (since we seem to be on the smaller side of 15mm manufacturers).

For one reason or another, this process has taken longer than expected – both technical issues and real-life pressures have taken their toll. We’re hoping to have some initial castings of the rather magnificient M-83 Curtiss Heavy Hover Tank available to purchase at Salute in a few days, assuming nothing else goes wrong (the first mould was damaged when the master model was removed), so we will finally have released the first model in our grand plan.

Next up will be some Neo-Soviets – these are the most popular of our 6mm ranges so it made sense to start here. We have the 3D prints of the first two models already, the Laska tankette and Kunitsa APC, while 3D model of the Bizon tank is about 50% complete.

Once Salute is out of the way, we’ll take a well-earned breather and then crack on with production of these models.

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