PacFed Prints

Finally managed some photos – the translucent prints aren’t the easiest thing to photograph, the lack of contrast makes it hard to pick things out but the photos below are reasonably clear I hope.

There are a few print lines that will take a bit of work to sand away before we hit production. At the moment these guys are behind the Neo-Soviets in our extensive (and, it seems, ever-lengthening) queue, so I’m not predicting anything about a release date just yet; it almost certainly won’t be this side of Christmas. But it’ll give you something to look forward to in the New Year 🙂

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5 Responses to PacFed Prints

  1. Covertwalrus says:

    Those photos are clear enough for me – and those are really good-looking masters! I do like the PacFed designs and hope to get more ( 6mm of course), and the transfer to the larger scale is excellent 🙂

    • Tony says:

      There are some print lines to be sanded away (they aren’t obvious in the photos) but yes, we are very pleased with the quality of these prints – the new printing company is doing a great job for us.

      • Cergorach says:

        Which printer company are you using and what materials? It reminds me of the Shapeways Ultra Frosted Detail material.

        • Tony says:

          PD Models in the UK. The material is similar to Shapeways’ FUD, but the printer they use is higher resolution and the prints come back in a much better state. Shapeways are great at what they do, but a smaller company like PD seem to take better care and we have never had duff prints from them.

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