An Old Favourite

One of our most popular spaceships has always been the German Pommerania Dreadnought. It was one of our earliest models and has been through several iterations as a multipart kit, then a single piece hull cast firstly in metal and then in resin. The original sculpt is rather venerable and has been showing its age for some time, and the model has been out of production for several years.

We’ve always wanted to bring it back so we’ve made a new, digital version of the model with slightly refined styling (to fit in with the rest of the German ships) and a design that should make it easier to cast and assemble.

The first print of this new version died horribly (but mercifully swiftly) in the vulcaniser, so the 3D model has been fixed-up (thicker walls and some strengthening bulkheads) in readiness for a second try. It’s just come out of it’s cleaning bath (well done to those who correctly identified it) and is ready to have a few print lines sanded down and be prepped for the mould.

Our queue of models is quite substantial so it’ll have to wait its turn, but rest assured we’ll be first to bring you the breaking* news of how it fared …

* Actually, we hope that there is no news of any breaking at all


Looking great – the differences are minor, and do make it part of the German fleet as it stands now very clearly 🙂