Squadron Commander update

Squadron Commander is a game that we’re very fond of, from the early days when it was owned by Mariner Games and we collaborated with them to produce models to their designs. Nowadays we own the rules and released an updated set (subtitled Reheat) last year (to not much fanfare, we must admit) along with a new set of models, designed to fit in with the rest of the Iron Cow background and scaled to fit with our 6mm vehicles (so that have a dual use as air support).

Although an awful lots of copies of the rules have been downloaded (unsurprisingly since they are free !), sales of the models haven’t been as brisk as we would have liked – although we have seen a massive upturn in sales of our fleet scale fighters, so we can only assume that everyone is playing Squadron Commander with tiny fighters !

We haven’t released any new models for a while, nor any rules updates, but this is simply because we’ve been busy with other projects. There are some new models in the works and once we have spare mould-making capacity we’ll get these out.

Following a request on the forums, we’ve updated the Squadron Commander page with stats/playsheets for several new fighter types; the German Kondor (a model as-yet unreleased in the larger scale) and Cimexian Neptis and Thysan fighters (for which you can use the models in the 6mm Cimexian Iron Cow range). The rulebook has also been updated with rules for the Cimexian’s Organic Hulls.