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Surface Landers

We have a couple of new shuttles to add to the 6mm range today, both for the European Federation. The first and largest is the Aigle Assault Lander, which can carry a platoon of infantry or several small armoured vehicles … Continue reading

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Joy of Six 2023

Our next show is coming up soon – the Joy of Six 2023 is (as the name might suggest) dedicated to one of the smaller scales – 6mm (or 1/300th, 1/285th etc). It’s run by Baccus, one of the leading … Continue reading

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Joy of Six ’22

Our next show, the Joy of Six at Sheffield Hallam University, is just over two weeks away, on July 3rd. The show is making a come back after a couple of years off with over twenty 6mm games and a … Continue reading

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Coming in 2022

We did promise recently that we’d give a few clues about what we have coming in 2022 (beware what you say in a Facebook comment…). As always, our release schedule will be fairly fluid (there are weeks when we’re scrabbling … Continue reading

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Bases Are Back – At Last!

As you’re doubtless aware if you have more than a passing acquaintance with this blog, we’ve been completely out of flying stands for some time. Our normal supplier’s mould had failed, and injection moulds are expensive, specialist items to repair … Continue reading

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Alien Aces

This week releases bring some new fighters for our Squadron Commander game. The Yenpalo receive a pair of craft, the Shynil Light Interceptor and the Axopo Heavy Fighter. They have distinctive hexagonal thermal-resistant paneling and closed down cockpits with only … Continue reading

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Delays, delays…

First, a status update – after last weeks flood of orders for the new 6mm monorail, we’re a bit behind on those. All other orders up to Thursday shipped out this morning, plus a good number of ones including monorails, … Continue reading

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Business Not As Usual

It’s OK, we haven’t got it 🙂 However, the response to the release of the 6mm monorail last week was completely unprecedented. Although we had produced what we thought was plenty of stock in advance, this was all gone in … Continue reading

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Heavy Fighters

Following on from last week’s release of the Eaglewing VTOLs, we have more air support options in 6mm – but this time of the heavier variety and more suited to deep space than nap of the earth. New in our … Continue reading

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Six Specials

We have a some new bits and pieces for the Joy of Six on Sunday – all 6mm scale (of course !). We have a mix of vehicles, VTOLs, starfighters and buildings to try to tempt the moths out of … Continue reading

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