Alien Aces

This week releases bring some new fighters for our Squadron Commander game. The Yenpalo receive a pair of craft, the Shynil Light Interceptor and the Axopo Heavy Fighter. They have distinctive hexagonal thermal-resistant paneling and closed down cockpits with only a very small vision slit – is has to be assumed that the Yenpalo pilots use sophisticated sensors for flight and combat rather than simple visuals.

Unlike most human fighter craft, both Yenpalo fighter types have miniature jump engines and can operate independently of parent craft. Hit and run missions on merchant shipping are becoming more and more common in recent months; small groups of Yenpalo fighters jump in very close to a convoy, fire off a few volleys and jump out again before defending fighters can be scrambled. Often little physical damage is caused, but the psychological effects can be tremendous.

Both are available singly, or in flights of four.

To answer the question that I know will be coming from spaceship gamers – yes, we have fleet scale versions in the works, due to be released very soon. And if anyone wonders where the names come from – well, we use an online password generator and just keep hitting ‘refresh’ until something jumps out at us…

SCR-1101 – Shynil class Light Interceptor – £2.50
SCP-1101 – Shynil Flight – £9.00
SCR-1102 – Axopo class Heavy Fighter – £2.50
SCP-1102 – Axopo Flight – £9.00

We’ve also been scrying in the Brigade crystal ball; we have a round dozen releases planned from now until November, when the traditional pre-Christmas sale gets underway. Of those, the current plan has four Aeronef, three 6mm, two Spaceship, two Small Scale Scenery and one 15mm releases. Of course no plan ever survives contact with the enemy, so things could change, but we thought you’d like to know…

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