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Surgeon General Update

We’ve just made our first donation to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity, money raised from the sale of models in the Surgeon General range which we set up at the end of last year. We’re really pleased with this start … Continue reading

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Desert Ambulances

Our 15mm Sincanmo Federation Dune Buggies came out at the end of last year, with over a dozen vehicles in three configurations. Today we have some new options, including a couple that fall under our Surgeon General fundraiser range. The … Continue reading

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Coming in 2022

We did promise recently that we’d give a few clues about what we have coming in 2022 (beware what you say in a Facebook comment…). As always, our release schedule will be fairly fluid (there are weeks when we’re scrabbling … Continue reading

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Ambulance Chasers

It’s back to the new releases again, today with a pair of 15mm military ambulances. Both are designed to also be dual purpose and usable as command or utility vehicles as well. The PacFed Sharkey ambulance is a wide-bodied grav … Continue reading

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