Surface Landers

We have a couple of new shuttles to add to the 6mm range today, both for the European Federation.

The first and largest is the Aigle Assault Lander, which can carry a platoon of infantry or several small armoured vehicles from orbit to surface. If inserting into a hot landing zone, it’s equipped with a suite of ECM and active counter-measures to avoid attracting enemy fire on the way down. Aigles are also capable of travel between planets, with the interior cargo area re-configured into crew accommodation.

The Cormoran is a small personnel shuttle, used for courier work or landing away teams on planetary surfaces. Specially configured stealth versions with improved EW suites are also used by special forces for insertion, while the shuttles on smaller vessels also do double-duty as lifeboats. Like the Aigle, many have found their way into civilian use with the military electronics replaced by commercial grade equipment.

Both models can be used in 6mm surface games, or they will also serve in Squadron Commander games as scenario objectives. Both models are also available in our spaceship range at a smaller scale.

SF300-413 – Aigle Assault Lander – £6.00
SF300-414 – Cormoran Personnel Shuttle – £2.00

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