More 1/700th Additions

Today we have three more additions to the 1/700th range of coastal forts and scenery, all scaled up from the Small Scale Scenery range.

The first is Nehaj Fortress, in Senj, Croatia. A fairly simple square tower design, it was finished in 1558 as a defence against the marauding Ottomans – beyond that it’s not easy to find out much about it.

Next we have the Forte de Nossa Senhora de Monte Serrat, a small fort in Salvador, Brazil (not to be confused with the much larger fortress in Portugal of the same name). It’s an interesting irregular hexagonal design, but again seems to have little other history beyond the date of building (somewhere between 1583 and 1609).

And third is a generic Middle-Eastern fort, the sort of thing that could have been defended by the Foreign Legion in Morocco, although it isn’t based on anything specific.

(l-r) Desert Fort, Nehaj Fortress, Nossa Senhora

B700-016 – Desert Fort – £1.50
B700-186 – Forte de Nossa Senhora – £3.00
B700-187 – Nehaj Fortress – £3.25

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