Black is Back

Having been out of stock for a while, we’ve just received a big consignment of flying stands including several thousand black ones, so those are now back on sale on the website again (woo-hoo!). This means that spaceship squadron packs will also ship with black bases again instead of the clear ones we’ve had to use lately.

We’re often asked about the exact dimensions of the bases so while I was updating the website I added a couple of photos to make the sizes clearer (these show clear bases, the black ones are exactly the same size).

Bases are Back

This wasn’t the post I was expecting to put up today, I was going to put up some pictures of our massive Hammer’s Slammers game last weekend, but it’s too important not to. We’ve not been able to get hold of our black and clear plastic flying stands for a while, and have had to keep back what stocks we did have for fleet packs and starter packs. However, a big box filled with many thousands of the little blighters in black and clear has just turned up (about fifteen minutes ago).

This means that at last we can start selling packs of bases again – woo-hoo ! We have packs of clear and black bases (we’ve dropped the white ones – we only ever stocked those as stop-gap when we couldn’t get the others). Unfortunately the cost of the bases has gone up quite a bit so we’ve had to increase our price, but at least we have them again.

ACC-001 – Clear Flying Stand x10 – £2.00
ACC-002 – Black Flying Stand x10 – £2.00

All in White

So … I mentioned a few days ago that we weren’t able to get hold of any stocks of clear flying stands for the time being. As an alternative we have brought in some rather spiffing white stands, which are exactly the same as the clear ones, just, well, not clear !

They are available in packs of ten, and will also be supplied in all Aeronef fleet, grand fleet, flotilla, starter and scenario packs until further notice.

ACC-024 – White Flying Stands (x10) – £1.50

Back in Stock

We have some very nice plastic bases made for us by Amera Plastic Mouldings, intended for our Land Ironclads range but since they’re on a 40mm frontage they’re useful for all sorts of games that use the same size. Stocks had got very low so we’d removed all of the from the website, but we’re pleased to say that they’re all back in stock following the arrival of a big box of replacements.


There are six sizes, with depths ranging from 20mm to 100mm. The bases are made from a textured plasticard so are all ready for painting.


ACC-013 – 40x30mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 10) – £1.75
ACC-014 – 40x40mm square plastic base (pack of 10) – £2.00
ACC-015 – 40x60mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 5) – £1.75
ACC-016 – 40x80mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 5) – £2.00
ACC-017 – 40x100mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 5) – £2.25
ACC-018 – 0x20mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 10) – £1.50

Horizon Dice

Today we were meant to releasing some new 6mm buildings – but my airbrush has been playing up something rotten and I haven’t been able to paint the said items, and since we have a rule about not releasing anything new until they’re properly painted and photographed, they are going to have to wait*. Which has put me in a somewhat grumpy mood today (no change there, says the Brigadieress…).

So instead I’ll add something which we were originally saving for next week, not quite as exciting but potentially just as useful.

The excellent new Osprey Horizon Wars rules use D12s as the standard dice type. When I first looked into the rules after buying my copy at Salute, I realised that I didn’t have enough D12s, even in my rather large dice box – it’s just not something I’ve ever needed lots of. There has also been at least one post (maybe more) on the HW Facebook page asking about getting hold of D12s. So we’ve got hold of a big bag of D12s from our suppliers and we’re now listing those on our website in packs of 10. We have them in four colours – red, orange, yellow and black.


ACC-023R – D12 (red) x10 – £3.50
ACC-023O – D12 (orange) x10 – £3.50
ACC-023Y – D12 (yellow) x10 – £3.50
ACC-023K – D12 (black) x10 – £3.50

* – With a bit of luck I’ll get the airbrush sorted this afternoon, failing that I’ll be buying a new one over the weekend…

Black is Back !

Just a quick note to say that Dice and Games have come up trumps and delivered a big box full of black flying stands (and some more clear ones, stocks of which were going fast in the absence of black stands). They’re now available again from the website, and spaceship packs will again come with black stands.

Black stands

Clear is the New Black

Black standsWe’ve been inundated with spaceship orders in the last day or two, and it’s exhausted our stocks of black flying stands. We ordered several thousand last month but they’re on back order with our suppliers, they’ve been delayed as their mould has had to go off for repairs. When I asked for an idea of when they might be available, the answer was “we don’t know”. So for now we’ll be shipping spaceship orders with clear flying stands instead of black ones, until the new supplies arrive. Apologies for that, but there isn’t a great deal else we can do apart from delays lots of orders.

In the meantime, this is what we’ll be releasing later this week …


Double Dice Base

A while back (a couple of years ago) we were asked by a rules writer if we could produce a base for spaceships that could accommodate two of our small six-sided dice. This we duly did, but unfortunately the set of rules in question didn’t seem to go anywhere.


However, we still have the mould and thought that it sill might be a useful item for other games systems. The base (shown here modelled by a German Dortmund class battlecruiser Scharnhorst) is a solid metal item, 28mm across flats so larger than our normal flying stands, and is supplied with the same type of plastic post. It’s solid enough to provide a very stable base for a large spaceship and has two side-by-side recesses to hold a pair of the small d6 from our Accessories range (dice are not supplied with the base).


This type of base would be useful for marking speed or acceleration, damage or shield values, altitude for aircraft, or anything else you could think of. Or just for keeping bigger ships upright !

ACC-022 – Two-dice base (pack of four) – £2.00

New dice and bases

Now I’m sure you all know that we make lots of luvverly tanks, spaceships, Nef and so on in our palatial Brigade Towers establishment down in Kent. But did you know that we also stock quite a decent range of dice and bases to go with them ? And today this range has got slightly bigger – we’ve added three new types of base and two additional colours of d6, as well as making d10s available in single-colour sets (previously we only sold them in a pack of mixed colours)

Orange 6-sided dice

Rather than list all the items individually, just go to our Accessories homepage. Because no self-respecting gamer ever has enough dice, right ?

40mm lipped bases