Bases are Back

This wasn’t the post I was expecting to put up today, I was going to put up some pictures of our massive Hammer’s Slammers game last weekend, but it’s too important not to. We’ve not been able to get hold of our black and clear plastic flying stands for a while, and have had to keep back what stocks we did have for fleet packs and starter packs. However, a big box filled with many thousands of the little blighters in black and clear has just turned up (about fifteen minutes ago).

This means that at last we can start selling packs of bases again – woo-hoo ! We have packs of clear and black bases (we’ve dropped the white ones – we only ever stocked those as stop-gap when we couldn’t get the others). Unfortunately the cost of the bases has gone up quite a bit so we’ve had to increase our price, but at least we have them again.

ACC-001 – Clear Flying Stand x10 – £2.00
ACC-002 – Black Flying Stand x10 – £2.00

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