Horizon Dice

Today we were meant to releasing some new 6mm buildings – but my airbrush has been playing up something rotten and I haven’t been able to paint the said items, and since we have a rule about not releasing anything new until they’re properly painted and photographed, they are going to have to wait*. Which has put me in a somewhat grumpy mood today (no change there, says the Brigadieress…).

So instead I’ll add something which we were originally saving for next week, not quite as exciting but potentially just as useful.

The excellent new Osprey Horizon Wars rules use D12s as the standard dice type. When I first looked into the rules after buying my copy at Salute, I realised that I didn’t have enough D12s, even in my rather large dice box – it’s just not something I’ve ever needed lots of. There has also been at least one post (maybe more) on the HW Facebook page asking about getting hold of D12s. So we’ve got hold of a big bag of D12s from our suppliers and we’re now listing those on our website in packs of 10. We have them in four colours – red, orange, yellow and black.


ACC-023R – D12 (red) x10 – £3.50
ACC-023O – D12 (orange) x10 – £3.50
ACC-023Y – D12 (yellow) x10 – £3.50
ACC-023K – D12 (black) x10 – £3.50

* – With a bit of luck I’ll get the airbrush sorted this afternoon, failing that I’ll be buying a new one over the weekend…