Joy of Six 2023

Our next show is coming up soon – the Joy of Six 2023 is (as the name might suggest) dedicated to one of the smaller scales – 6mm (or 1/300th, 1/285th etc). It’s run by Baccus, one of the leading names in historical 6mm gaming, at Hallam University in Sheffield. This year’s event is on Sunday July 2nd.

This being a specialised 6mm show, we take a very cut-down subset of our ranges:

  • Full range of 6mm Hammer’s Slammers models, including a good selection of detachment packs and individual models
  • Full range of 6mm Iron Cow models, including a full range of army and company packs and individual models
  • Full selection of building/scenery models of all types, including packs and individual buildings
  • Full range of Squadron Commander fighters, both individual and blister packs
  • The complete 2mm Small Scale Scenery range
  • The complete 1/700th Coastal scenery range

We’re hoping to have some new releases lined up for the show, which we’ll preview before the day, so keep checking between now and the 2nd.

If you would like anything from one of our other ranges, you can order it in advance and collect on the day. You can either place an order and pay in full using the collect in person option on the website, or just drop us an email with a list and pay by cash or card on the day.

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