Fleet Flagship

Despite the trials and tribulations involved in getting the new 15mm vehicles out this week, the wheels of progress have fortunately been running rather more smoothly in the Naval department of Brigade Towers.


Quietly, and with little fuss, a major new class of warships has entered service with the Royal Navy. The Fisher class super-dreadnought is the largest spaceship model that we’ve released to date, bigger even than the German Pomerania.


The multi-part metal model comes with separate gun turrets and a choice of one of three different chin weapon mounts, or a flight deck for a version capable of carrying fighters. All four options are supplied, giving you some bits for your spares box.

Chin Options

There is a new fleet pack available containing two Fishers plus escorts, and we’ve also made the gun turrets available in a separate accessory pack.

SFSP-104 – Heavy Fleet Pack – £22.00
SFS-102 – Fisher class Super-dreadnought – £10.00
SFS-190 – British heavy gun turrets (x12) – £1.50