Legio Patria Nostra*

Besides its conventional land units equipped with Montsabert and Garibaldi hover tanks, the European Federation maintains a number of lighter units for rapid deployment to hot spots both on and off planet. These are typically elite units mounted in lighter wheeled vehicles which are easier to transport and maintain. One of the most famous is the Légion Étrangère (French Foreign Legion), but other countries within the Federation have their own crack units such as the Italian Bersaglieri, Spanish Legión Española and the Dynameis Katadromon of Greece.


The primary workhorse of these units is the 10-wheeled Catroux APC in its many variations. The basic APC carries the same turret as the Tassigny MICV variant, and in fact several turrets are common between the two vehicles including the AA and missile-carrier types. One type unique to the Catroux is the Armoured Gun System variant. This carries a heavy railgun in a remote mount controlled by the crew. The APC carries an 8-man squad, whereas the other variants generally have the seating removed to make room for equipment and ammunition.


General liaison and observation duties are undertaken by the Musareigne, a small 2-seat 4×4. The cargo bed can carry small amounts of supplies or 2-3 troops, while larger loads are lifted by the Lievre, a six-wheeled version of the Musareigne.


The armed version of the Musareigne is known as the Javelot, which has a remote turret carrying either twin MGs, a 5-barrel gatling or twin Manta missile pod.

There are lots more photos of each vehicle on their respective pages on the website – click the codes below to go to these.

SF15-406 – Javelot Scout Car with twin MGs – £4.00
SF15-406a – Javelot Scout Car with Gatling – £4.00
SF15-406b – Javelot Scout Car with Twin Missiles – £4.00
SF15-406c – Musareigne Utility Vehicle – £4.00
SF15-408 – Catroux Wheeled APC – £8.00
SF15-408a – Catroux Missile Carrier – £8.00
SF15-408d – Catroux Armoured Gun System – £8.00
SF15-408e – Catroux AA Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-412 – Lievre Pick-up- £4.50

Markings on the vehicles are all from Dom’s Decals – 1/300th Italian aircraft roundels.

These are our final new releases of 2014. Find out why on Monday …

* – motto of the French Foreign Legion


This time with rear views so you can see the troop doors – thank you! Those Javelots are very tempting…