Blower Killer

Today’s new releases are additions to the popular 15mm PacFed range. The Angelshark was shown off late last year (we even sold a few pre-production models at Crisis and SELWG) but has been waiting for a suitable release window. The arrival of the Komodo heavy tank is a perfect opportunity to pair up the two models and release them together.


The Angelshark is a one-man attack VTOL with chin turret and missile launchers in the wingtip engine pods. Perfect for fast attack pop-up missions.


The Komodo on the other hand is a true beast of a tank (see the photo below comparing it to the Cougar tank). With twin 14mm ECAP weapons, it throws out a prodigious amount of firepower.


My first couple of Komodo models saw action against the Hammer’s Slammers a couple of weeks back in a Crucible game and proved themselves to be very potent against even uparmoured Blower tanks. You can find their stats on the Slammers’ website.

TAS Advance

SF15-702 – Komodo Heavy Grav Tank – £10.50
SF15-704 – Angelshark VTOL – £8.00
PP15-702 – Komodo Platoon Pack – £30.50

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