American Republic Armour

After Tuesday’s minor ‘leaving all the orders at the workshop’ FUBAR, we’re back to normal, Friday 13th notwithstanding ! Everything has been safely retrieved and sent – although you may detect a faint whiff of burning when you open your parcel, it seems that someone lit a large bonfire in the farmyard opposite the workshop and the smell has permeated everything !

Onto more mundane matters, and this week’s new releases. One of the forces in our 6mm range that has never really been properly represented in 15mm (apart from a couple of odd tanks) is the American Republic. As you’ll have seen on this blog recently, we’ve got round to rectifying this at last with seven brand new vehicles and variants.

The largest is a new sculpt of the Curtiss heavy tank. This was the very first digitally sculpted model that we released and since then we’ve learnt a lot about the design and production processes, so we thought it was time to give the Curtiss a makeover. This new model has a newly-designed metal turret and gun, rather than the resin one of the original, and improved detailing on the hull.


The slightly smaller cousin of the Curtiss is the Kochte MBT. This again was previously available in 15mm, but we’ve replaced the original with a new 3D sculpt – the overall profile of the tank is the same but the detailing is completely different.

The AmRep’s standard infantry fighting vehicle is the Baumann. This carries two crew and six infantry, and is equipped with a light autocannon and missile pod. Infantry dismount through a rear ramp and can engage the enemy through the firing ports on each side. Also available are an AA variant with gatling and missiles, and a heavy anti-tank-missile carrier.


Finally, the smallest of the new vehicles is the Oldmann light tank. This is a two-man recce vehicle with a light autocannon – heavier fire support is available from a missile carrier with the same 16-round turret as the Baumann.


All are available singly, and the Curtiss, Kochte and Oldmann are also available in discounted Platoon Packs of three vehicles, stowage and crew.

SF15-202 – Curtiss Heavy Tank – £9.00
SF15-203 – Baumann MICV – £8.00
SF15-203a – Baumann AA – £8.00
SF15-203b – Baumann w/missile turret – £8.00
SF15-206 – Oldmann Light Tank – £5.00
SF15-206a – Oldmann w/missile turret – £5.00
SF15-208 – Kochte MBT – £8.00
PP15-202 – Curtiss Platoon Pack – £26.00
PP15-206 – Oldmann Platoon Pack – £14.00
PP15-208 – Kochte Platoon Pack – £23.00

If you’re outside the EU, remember that you don’t need to pay VAT – so the price you pay is only 5/6ths of that shown above, which should go some way towards offsetting the postage costs.

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