Valet Parking

Where does the well-heeled tank commander park his steel monster ? Why, in our new Tank Garage of course ! Air-conditioned with four bays, plenty of room for maintenance and re-arming and protected against anything other than a direct hit, all the top armies are opting for these this spring.


And if you need somewhere for the crew to bunk down, how about our new Vaulted Dwellings ? It’s usable either as a small military barracks or as civilian dwellings, with a small roof terrace and access stairs.

Finally for this week, we have another small house, this time set up on a plinth with stairs to access the front door.

B300-130 – Plinth Dwelling – £1.25
B300-131 – Vaulted Dwellings – £2.25
B300-132 – Tank Garages – £5.00

All models are single-piece resin castings and are available from the website now.

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