More 15mm Releases

Today we’re releasing what I think is the largest model we’ve yet made, plus re-releasing an old favourite.


The former is the 15mm Control Tower model that we sneaked through just before Salute. This 10″ tall model is part of our Colony Base and can mate up with other models in that range or be used as a stand-alone piece. There are two options, the full 10″ tall model or the slightly smaller version that has a single central pillar instead of two. This is a hefty chunk of resin that will make a great centrepiece on a 15mm table.


At the same time we’re returning the 15mm Athena VTOL to the website. We took a number of these to Salute (which we sold out of in a five minute burst in the middle of the morning). Now they’ve been remoulded it’s time to return them to full release.

SF15-111 – Athena VTOL – £17.50
B15-319 – Control Tower – £40.00
B15-319a – Control Tower (single height) – £35.00

If you’re wondering about our new 15mm infantry (and the Armies Army figures for that matter), they’re coming very soon. Even though the moulds are ready, we have a policy of not releasing anything until we have samples painted, and this week a big influx of orders, plus the Bank Holiday which made it a four-day week, means that I haven’t had a chance to do anything other than casting and packing. However, there’s a half-painted rifle platoon staring reproachfully at me from the workbench, which I should be able to get to next week.

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