Our Triumph in the Cosmos !

Our triumph in the cosmos–the anthem of the Soviet country! is the translated caption (thanks, Bing!) of this wonderful space-race era propaganda poster. I also thought it would make a great opener for the release of our Soviet spaceship fleet.


This initial release consists of eight models – six ships and two fighter types – as well as two packs. The Fleet pack has two battleships plus escorts, while the carrier pack has a carrier, thirty fighters plus escorting ships.


SFSP-1201 – Soviet Fleet Pack – £22.00
SFSP-1202 – Soviet Carrier Pack – £22.00
SFS-1200 – Voroshilov class Battleship – £7.50
SFS-1210 – Varyag class Carrier – £9.00
SFS-1220 – Groznyy class Heavy Cruiser – £3.00
SFS-1221 – Isakov class Light Cruiser – £2.00
SFS-1230 – Stoykiy class Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-1240 – Molniya class Frigate – £0.75
SFS-1260 – Sokol class Interceptor (x12) – £1.50
SFS-1261 – Grif class Fighter-Bomber (x12) – £1.50


The colour scheme is Tamiya Sky Blue with a heavy wash and drybrush using Citadel paints. The Soviet stars are from Dom’s Decals aircraft range, other decals from my bits box (I think the pennant numbers on the carrier and battleship are a chopped up 1/35th number plate from a Leopard I !).

Given the response they have received at Salute last month and on various forums, I think it’s unlikely that we won’t be releasing more ships in this fleet !