Broadside Update

We had a productive day at the workshop yesterday, stocking up on the last few bits and pieces for Broadside tomorrow. In particular, we were concentrating on producing plenty of the former Armies Army figures that we now own. As well as the models we’ve already added to the website (the Penal Troopers, Chinese PLA, Yenpalo aliens and South African infantry) we did some of the other packs. After our efforts, we will also have stock of some RUSK Guards (infantry, support weapons, HQ and Spetsnaz) and British special forces (SAS and marines in hardsuits (below)). These may not be on display on the stand, we don’t have painted versions of all of them yet, but we will have them with us so please ask.

PA Marines800

We steadily working on adding all of the figures to our website – the main stumbling block is that we want painted versions of each pack to photograph, and the painting takes time … If there are any particular figures from the ranges that you’d like that haven’t reached the website yet, please ask – we have all the moulds so we can produce them.