The Season Starts Here

When we decided a couple of years ago to expand Brigade’s activities, one of the areas we looked at was increasing the number of shows and events we attended. At the time we were only going to 4 shows a year, and our intention was to increase that and aim for roughly one a month. However, when we looked more closely at the UK show calendar, there’s a definite show season with many shows concentrated in the autumn. This has left us with a rather uneven schedule – we’ve had just two shows so far in 2015 but are about to embark on a hectic lineup of six in nine weeks.

Due to various factors, we won’t be taking every range to every show. The one show where we carry pretty much everything is SELWG, when we hire a van and cram in as much as possible. For Blast-tastic!, being a specialist SF show, we won’t be taking Celtos or the Great War range, but should have good stocks of the other major ranges. At Stoke Rochford, there will be full stocks of Aeronef, Land Ironclads and the 2mm scenery, but that’s probably it. For the other three events we’re limited to what fits in a large car, and also by the fact that Tony will be doing them as a one-man show. So the plan for these three is as follows: 15mm, Celtos, 2mm scenery – full ranges of both packs and individual items; Aeronef – full range of fleet and starter packs, no individual models apart from recent releases; Spaceships – full range of fleet packs, individual stocks of British and Soviet fleets only; 6mm SF – full range of army and company packs, full selection of buildings, individual stocks of recent releases only; Accessories – full range of dice and base blisters; Shapeways – selection of items; 10mm SF buildings, Great War Belgians, Magpie Miniatures – full range, but limited numbers of each item; Squadron Commander, Iron Stars – selection of blisters.

Of course, you can contact us beforehand if you’re planning to visit us at a show and we welcome advance orders for all of them. If you want to make sure that we have what you’re after this is probably the best way to go. We can bring anything with us as long as we have enough warning.

We should be able to take credit cards at all UK events (mobile phone reception permitting), although unfortunately our CC reader doesn’t work on the continent so at Crisis it’s cash only. If you have a smartphone with the PayPal app you can also use that to transfer money to us on the spot.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the coming weeks.

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