Corridor of Uncertainty

No, I haven’t suddenly turned into Geoffrey Boycott!

Tuesday last week was busy, with lots of deliveries at Brigade Towers. In amongst the replacement compressor, the splendid new 15mm figures and some slightly less interesting stuff (cardboard boxes), a couple of massive boxes turned up, all the way from Poland. These contained a number of sets of Assault Publishing’s excellent HDF sci-fi corridors, which we’ll be offering for sale for the first time at Salute.

EDCV Labs 800

The corridors were originally designed for 15mm figures, but work just as well for 20mm figures or even a claustrophic layout for 28mm models. The cross-section of each corridor is 40x40mm. It uses a rather clever system where the blast doors clip the sections together to keep a layout intact during a game, but allow everything to be disassembled for storage. The corridors use layers of laser-cut HDF (a tougher version of MDF) to give them a 3D feel with depth to the details.

There are two sets, one a bit bigger than the other, and you get an awful lot for your money – we were surprised at how big the boxes were when they arrived. The EDCV labs set has two large rooms, seven corridor sections and sixteen connecting doors of various types. The Umbrella set has more corridors and doors to extend the layout.

Umbrella 800

Phil has spent a little while assembling some sample pieces and we’re impressed at the way the layers of HDF go together to produce a strong and detailed final result. We’ll have these samples on the stand at Salute so you can see and handle the corridor pieces.

15mm SF
SF15-311 – Henschel Laser Tank – £10.00
SF15-416 – Oto Melara Single Autocannon – £5.00
SF15-416a – Oto Melara Quad Autocannon -£5.00

HS15-401 – Fasolini Company Detachment – £43.00
HS15-402 – Fasolini Support Detachment – £24.00
HS15-460 – Fasolini Infantry (x8) – £3.00
HS15-461 – Fasolini Rocket launchers (x4) – £1.50
HS15-462 – Fasolini Command (x4) – £1.50
HS15-463 – Fasolini MG teams (x2) – £3.00
HS15-464 – Fasolini Mortar Teams (x2) – £2.50
HS15-465 – Fasolini Gun Crew (x6) – £2.50

LCAA-01 – EDCV Labs Set – £90.00
LCAB-01 – Umbrella Set – £50.00

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8069 – Victorian Warehouse – £4.00
SSS-8070 – Textile Mill – £2.50
SSS-8071 – Dockside Warehouses (x3) – £2.50