Spanner in the Works


Our centrifugal casting machine uses air pressure to clamp the moulds together, supplied by a compressor. It keeps a supply of air in a tank and regularly refills when the pressure drops below a certain level. On Friday morning I went into the workshop to fill orders and stock up for Salute, switched it on and it started filling, but just didn’t sound right – it got noisier and noisier, made a nasty complaining noise and then just stopped. That was it, dead. I had just enough pressure in the tank to do a couple of orders, but that was all. With Salute just under two weeks away, its timing could not have been better (a melting pot once died on us the week before Salute … it’s as if they know). Fortunately, of all the bits of equipment we have, this is one of the easier ones to replace – I’ll have a new one delivered on Tuesday, and it should be a case of just plugging it in and connecting the air hose. But it’s still a frustrating loss of a couple of days’ casting, not to mention the expense. I’ll just have to do some other jobs instead.

So apologies to anyone with an outstanding order, it’ll be a 2-3 days until we can get those sorted for you. In the meantime, anyone want an old air compressor in need of quite a bit of TLC ?