Railway Assortment

Today we’re expanding on the railway options available in our Small Scale Scenery range. We have two different engine sheds – one is a large shed (over 250 scale feet long) with room for multiple engines and carriages. It’s not based on any specific prototype but is more generic.

The second is a more distinctive circular shape based on the Camden Roundhouse in London (now a well-known concert venue which I’ve been to once or twice). This has just a single entrance door for engines, but had a turntable to distribute the engines to repair bays once inside.

We have a new pack of double track, allowing side-by-side running (which would have been difficult with our existing curved track) – this has twelve pieces, six straight and six curved.

Finally, we have a very useful set of assorted crossing track – single and double road crossings, X-crossings and left- and right-hand crossovers (there are two of each piece in the pack – ten pieces in all).

SSS-8077 – Large Engine Shed – £4.00
SSS-8078 – Roundhouse Engine Shed – £3.00
SSS-8079 – Double Track – £5.50
SSS-8080 – Railway Crossings – £4.50



Have you considered adding roads or highways to your 2 mm terrain line? Perhaps to make them more robust something with verges on either side of the road like a country lane with vegetation/hedges along the road, perhaps with some pre-drill holes for spruce trees ?


Hi Andy – good idea, and one I’ve been meaning to do for a while. Perhaps a pack of straights and curves, plus another of junctions (a bit like the railway track sets) ?


Unrelated question. Why no cruiser class ships for the Austro-Hungarian fleet? Has that been a deliberate decision from a national differentiation standpoint?


No particular reason – partly it’s a matter of classification, the Prinz Eugen is a cruiser-sized vessel really, but I agree they could do with 1-2 cruisers