Who Will Buy My Flaming Sword?

First things first – on Sunday I’ll be in Peterborough for the fourth edition of the Hereward show, catchily titled Hereward IV:A New Hope. I’ll have our latest releases and as much other stuff as I can carry, so that’s lots of Slammers, Yenpalo spaceships, British Nef etc. I’ll also have the full range of Crom’s Anvil figures which we carry at shows, including the new heroes, tribesmen and Simurgh Guards.

Back into production this week are this rather splendid collection of 15mm GEVs. The belong to the Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood, a combined arms mercenary unit equipped with medium and heavy tank destroyers supported by infantry and heavy direct-fire mortars.

When they were previously available, the models used a common resin hull and separate metal or resin superstructures. We’ve modified the masters so that all of the versions now have unique one-piece resin hulls with just the turrets and guns to be attached. So the designs are the same, we’ve just made them much easier to assemble. While we were at it, we’ve remastered the all metal parts and made a new production mould for those. There’s also a new hull for the calliope carrier which was previously just stuck to the flatbed. So there are several good reasons why it’s taken a while to get them back into production!

The primary combat version is the GS-1199 Medium Tank Destroyer armed with a 9cm powergun. This is available with either a plain gun barrel or new one with a muzzle brake.

Infantry are carried in the GS-1107 APC with two small gun turrets carrying twin 2cm powerguns. The GS-1008 command version swaps a radar dish for the upper turret.

A fire support version can be equipped with an assortment of turrets – the FSHB’s main version is the GS-1141R with a pair of direct fire mortars, but other options include autocannon and a 5cm powergun turret.

The one new(ish) version is the GS-1018 Calliope vehicle with eight rapid fire 2cm powergun for air defence.

The Flaming Sword have a number of different detachments on their list, all of which are available as packs with vehicles, infantry, stowage, fireteam bases etc. This brings the number of pre-defined 15mm detachment packs to 31 now, giving you stacks of options for starting out in Hammer’s Slammers gaming.

HS15-2012 – GS-1199 Tank Destroyer – £8.00
HS15-2012a – GS-1199m Tank Destroyer – £8.00
HS15-2013 – GS-1107 APC – £8.00
HS15-2013a – GS-1108 Command Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2014 – GS-1141R Mortar Carrier – £8.00
HS15-2014a – GS-1026 Light Support Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2014b – GS-1186PG Heavy Support Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2014c – GS-1188RG Heavy Support Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2015 – GS-1018 Calliope – £8.00

HSD15-2001 – Recce Detachment – £35.00
HSD15-2002 – Strike Detachment – £60.00
HSD15-2003 – Heavy Detachment – £75.00
HSD15-2004 – Protection Detachment – £38.50

And before anyone else points it out … yes, they have the wrong unit markings (the FSHB badge looks a lot like that of the Apex Dragoons, and I mixed up my decals…).

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