An Englishman’s Home

In the nick of time for Crisis tomorrow, we’re very pleased to be able to release our new Castle models from the Small Scale Scenery range. In all there are eleven different sets of components to launch the range, plus a Starter Set. I’ll have stock at the show of the starter set and a few of the individual component packs too.

The Starter Set consists of a Keep, Gatehouse, eight towers, eight lengths of curtain wall and three lengths of walls with bastions. This should be enough to make several different designs, and you can of course add more components. The set will be available in different options so you can choose different keeps and tower types.

The castle below was assembled and painted by Stephen Tucker as an example of what can be made from the starter set; we very much look forward to seeing the designs that you’ll all be creating from it !

SSS-8119a – Castle Starter Kit #1 – £10.00
SSS-8119b – Castle Starter Kit #2 – £10.00
SSS-8120 – Curtain Walls – £1.50
SSS-8120a – Walls w/Round Bastion – £1.50
SSS-8120b – Walls w/Angled Bastion – £1.50
SSS-8121a – Keep-1 – £2.00
SSS-8121b – Keep-2 – £2.00
SSS-8122r – Round Towers – £1.50
SSS-8122o – Octagonal Towers – £1.50
SSS-8122s – Square Towers – £1.50
SSS-8123a – Gatehouse-1 – £1.00
SSS-8123b – Gatehouse-2 – £1.00
SSS-8123c – Gatehouse-3 – £1.00

Righty-ho, off to Antwerp…

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6 Responses to An Englishman’s Home

  1. radicalargrynurse says:

    Just a note to say this is an amazing piece of work !
    I am sure I can find a use for it at some point !
    Out of interest will you be looking at developing some European / Continental style castles or chateaus which could be used for 17th Century gaming ?
    Once again fabulous work!

    • Tony says:

      I have some French chateau that I’d love to add to the range, as well as some more bits for this range of modular castles (conical roofed turrets for example)

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  3. Steven Francis says:

    Do you have measurements for the parts- I am trying to work out if I can fit one in a large glass bauble for a festival castle treat for the wife…

    • Tony says:

      Hi Steven – the wall sections (including gatehouses) are 40mm long, walls are 8mm to the walkway and 10mm high to the top of the battlements. Towers are all 17mm to top of battlements. The square keep is 23x27x34mm high, the round-towered one 30x30x22mm high.

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