New Range – 1/700th Coastal Forts

We’ve had a few enquiries recently about how compatible our Small Scale Scenery range is with 1/700th scale naval vessels. The SSS range is 1/1000th, so they work out to be a bit small, which some people don’t mind – we sell a lot of models to 6mm gamers who prefer their buildings to be closer to ground scale. Others like their scenery and other models to match, so we’ve decided to cater to that camp by scaling up some of our coastal forts to the larger scale.

We’ve started small – both in size and number of models – with an initial offering of three items. All are single-piece models in resin.

Over 100 Martello towers were built around the coast of Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars, of varying types. This pack contains two typical designs, one with a single cannon and the other with three.

Fort Vauville is a tiny fortification on the west coast of the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy. It was one of a number of similar constructions built by Vauban in the latter half of the C.18th.

St Mawes Castle is one of Henry VIII’s Device Forts, built in the 1540s. It has been continuously garrisoned at various times since, including during the time of the Spanish Armada, the Napoleonic Wars and both World Wars.

B700-025 – Martello Towers (x2) – £2.00
B700-026 – Fort Vauville – £1.50
B700-029 – Castle St Mawes – £3.00