Clockwork Spaceships

Next off the Brigade new release rollercoaster is this trio of Swiss spaceships. Our original Swiss ship was the Feldkirch, sculpted for us by Sean Bayan Schoonmaker. Unfortunately it’s always been a rather lonely vessel, so we decided it was time for a revamp of the Swiss and the addition of a couple of other classes.

The three new models are the Solothurn class Light Cruiser, the Fribourg class Destroyer and the Thun class Frigate. We also have a Squadron Pack of 12 ships – 3 Solothurn, 4 Fribourg and 5 Thun – plus bases.

All of the Swiss models, including the Squadron Pack, are discounted by 7.5%, and for each sale we’ll also donate the same amount to HEROES, a fund set up to help frontline NHS staff as they battle the Covid-19 outbreak. This will run until May 8th.

SFS-920 – Solothurn class Light Cruiser – £2.50 £2.31
SFS-930 – Fribourg class Destroyer – £1.50 £1.39
SFS-940 – Thun class Frigate – £1.25 £1.16
SFSP-901 – Swiss Patrol Squadron – £20.00 £18.50

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