No Show #4 and #5

So it was rather inevitable, but the Milton Hundred club have had to postpone their show, Broadside, planned for June 14th. They are hoping to reschedule it for later in the year, but at the moment the venue is completely closed, so it’s impossible for them to make any plans until they can confirm a date. Here’s hoping that they can make something work.

More of a surprise was the news this weekend that the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp have decided to cancel Crisis in November. However, with an event of that size they need to start planning and booking certain aspects of the show now, which is impossible in the current climate. With no certainty about when things will start to unlock, and with many of the attending clubs and traders coming from other countries and needing to make travel plans, they’ve understandably pulled the plug early.

The next show in our 2020 calendar is the Joy of Six in Sheffield; that’s currently still on, or at least it hasn’t been cancelled yet.

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