Chinese Reinforcements

This week we have some more new spaceships, additions to our Chinese fleet. The largest is a new version of the Jiangzi Flag dreadnought, a version of the existing Jiangzi with an enlarged superstructure for fleet command facilities.

The Jiangzi Flag is accompanied by three escorts; the largest vessel (at the front) is the Hangzhou class frigate. The two smaller vessels, the Wenshan class corvette (l) and Nanhai class Scoutship (r) replace the old Da Nang and Wonsan models (we changed the names because their North Korean/Vietnamese origin seems to trigger warning flags in PayPal and payments for orders including them can get held up).

We’ve tweaked the CDSU Battle Fleet pack (SFS-504) so that you can select either two standard Jiangzi dreadnoughts or one plus a Flag variant.

SFS-502 – Jiangzi Flag Dreadnought – £6.50
SFS-541 – Hangzhou class Frigate – £1.25
SFS-550 – Wenshan class Corvette – £1.00
SFS-551 – Nanhai class Scoutship – £0.75
SFSP-504 – CDSU Battle Fleet Pack – £22.50

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