Calling Europe…

It’s January 2021, which means that things have finally, finally ended on the Brexit front (until the next thing…). So we’ve been through the website and we think it now works correctly for EU customers – you’re no longer charged VAT (which is the main thing). So, having previously advised EU customers not to place orders until we’d checked it all works, we think you’re now safe to go again.

This means that orders placed to EU addresses will no longer be charged VAT on goods or shipping by us – so all our models (and the shipping) will be 1/6th cheaper. And following the last-minute EU-UK trade deal, you should not have to pay import tariffs or duties either. However, you may have to pay import VAT at your local rate (as you would for an order from any other non-EU country, say the USA). In the UK this sometimes seems to be a bit random – some parcels get caught, others don’t and it can depend on the value of the order. We suggest you contact your local postal or customs office as we can’t give definitive advice for other countries.

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