A Billion Possibilities

It’s still all hands to the pump at Brigade HQ, we’re slowly and steadily working through the order backlog – we’ve now caught up to Feb 14th and with luck should have cleared the backlog by the end of the weekend. However, we just had to find some time this week to get something new on the website.

Today sees the release of A Billion Suns, the new starship combat game by Mike Hutchinson of Gaslands fame. ABS isn’t just another line-them-up fleet combat game, instead you take control of an interstellar corporation exploiting the riches of newly discovered star systems. There are no pre-defined fleet lists, you need to make decisions about what resources to deploy to fulfil your contracts, balancing risk against potential reward. Contracts are assigned randomly, so each game should be different. And you can play on multiple tables, jumping between star systems.

Pop over to the official website, where Mike makes a much better job of explaining it all.

The rules are not tied to any particular set of miniatures, you can use whatever you like, although we would obviously be very happy if you used at least some of ours 🙂

We will be creating some specific packs to support the rules, just as soon as we get five minutes to draw breath…

ABS-006 – A Billion Suns – £12.99

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