Blast from the Past

Rooting through some old files recently I came across some designs for US airships that were sent to me many moons ago (the file is dated 2007) by a gamer called Frank Alvarado. One of these caught my attention so I immediately fired up the 3D software and, a few strokes of the mouse later, had the rough layout of a new dreadnought. This was then refined into a final design and sent off to be printed. It’s been modified slightly, mainly to make it fit our existing set of US turrets and other parts, but it’s still essentially Frank’s design which we’ve named after him.

Alvarado class Dreadnought

We’ve tried to contact Frank but to no avail – neither email address we have on file has elicited a response and we’ve had no luck on social media either. So if anyone knows Frank, ask him to drop us a line – we’d like to send him some examples of the vessel he designed all those years ago.

VAN-224 – Alvarado class Dreadnought – £8.50

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