Return to the Front Line – SELWG 2021

Very soon we’ll be returning to the show circuit, after an enforced absence of 18 months (our last show was Cavalier in February 2020 – about four weeks before the first lockdown. Remember that … ?). We have three shows this year – Broadside and Salute have both been relocated to the end of this year, while SELWG is making a comeback at it’s usual time, albeit in a new venue. The SELWG club have moved their event to the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in Edmonton, north-east London, which promises to be a much better venue with improved access and lots more parking.

We’re still working out how the stand will look – we have 18 months’ worth of new releases to cram on there somewhere, which probably means some older items will have to be dropped, and of course we have the modern-day issues of COVID safety to factor in. It’ll be a good practice run for Salute in early November!

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[…] So, as mentioned, we’re off to SELWG in just over two weeks in the new Lee Valley venue. It’ll be a new experience, our first show for 18 months and the first under COVID protocols. The venue’s safety guidance is here – we’ll also be providing hand sanitiser on the stand and asking you not to open boxes, or handle items more than necessary unless you wish to purchase them. […]