Steps of Emotion

This week’s offerings are a small collection of useful 6mm scenic items.

First up is a set of eight cargo containers in various sizes, scaled down versions of our 15mm ones. You get four large, two small and two mini containers. The large one fits neatly on one of our monorail flat cars, while the medium ones can be carried by a Hippo heavy truck.

To allow better access to our new Deep Ocean Research Centre we have a pack containing four sets of stairs, an elevator and a ramp.

I’ve been making some scenery for a display game recently, and decided that I could also use some additional steps and stairs, so I made a set to go with those in the same material. The pack contains fourteen different items, including main steps for large buildings, straight stairs and also 90° corner ones in both directions.

Another item I wanted for my scenery was some arches to go between buildings, so this set has four ranging from one big enough to drive a tank through, down to a small one which would only fit a single soldier.

SF300-901 – Cargo Containers (x8) – £2.00
B300-151 – Steps and Stairs (x14) – £2.00
B300-152 – Archways (x4) – £1.50
B300-1252 – Stairs and Elevator – £2.00