Castles in the Sky

Castles in the Sky is the title of the latest Osprey release in the blue book wargames series, written by Eric Farrington. Rather than us telling you what it’s about, this is what their website has to say about it:

A wargaming ruleset for epic pre-WW1 battles in the sky.

It’s the dawn of the 20th Century and the Great Powers turn to war. Since the development of the air screw, leading to the creation of flying warships, the navies of the world have comprised an ever-growing number of these aerial ironclads. So fire up the turbines, ready the aether drives, and take to the air in Castles in the Sky: A Wargame of Flying Battleships.

Featuring all the rules required to fight battles with fleets of flying behemoths. Assemble your fleet from 8 nationalities and fight through a variety of scenarios. With a full campaign system, Castles in the Sky contains everything adventurous aeronautical admirals need to find victory in the skies.

The 48-page softback has a number of photos featuring our Imperial Skies models, plus other unique artwork. Today is the official release date, and we’ve just added it to our website. The Imperial Skies range now numbers well over 250 different flying machines of various types from 21 different nationalities, plus merchant vessels, giving you lots to choose from.

CITS-001 – Castles in the Sky – £14.99

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