The Iron Horse Gets Guns

So we promised some new items for the Joy of Six on Sunday, and here is the first. Our 6mm monorail came out several years ago and we’ve added a few extra bits and pieces since the initial release. The latest addition gives it some teeth, with a set of six armed and armoured carriages. When we get them onto the website you’ll be able to buy all the carriages separately, but for the show we’re keeping it simple with two options – an 8-carriage full-on armoured train, and a two-carriage scout train.

The larger train consists of a command car, an armoured locomotive, two infantry carriages, two artillery carriages and two tank cars. The scout train has just two scout cars. We’re still working out the exact turret configuration, so the final versions may differ slightly from these pictures – we’ll offer multiple options when it gets onto the website, but for Jo6 we’ll probably keep it simple.

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