Armoured Monorail

First … we’ve finally cleared the backlog (well, as good as) – we’re down to eight outstanding orders, of which two are finished and just need boxing up, two need one piece of resin each (we simply ran out of steam yesterday evening), and four new ones that arrived overnight. Everything else will go the post office tomorrow morning.

So by way of celebration, it’s finally time for something new. And what could be cooler than a train ? That’s right, a monorail. And even better than that is an armoured monorail 🙂 We took a few of these to Joy of Six, and now they’re finally available on the website.

There are six different cars – tank, scout, artillery, infantry, command and locomotive. They’re all available in pairs, and there are also two pre-packaged sets, one of four cars and one of eight.

The eight-car version has two each of the tank, artillery and infantry cars, plus a command car and a locomotive.

The four-car train has one each of the tank, infantry, locomotive and artillery cars.

The tank car is simply that – a tank turret on an armoured chassis. By default it has a Rapier turret, but we’ve put in options for several other turret types. If there’s any other tank turret you’d like, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

The scout car has a light turret (from either a light tank or armoured car) plus an AA turret. Again, we’ve made it available with several options but let us know if you’d like anything else. This is intended to be an independent powered car which operates either singly or in pairs, running patrols along stretches of line.

The artillery car has two light artillery or mortar turrets plus an AA turret. And again, the same applies as far as turret options go.

The infantry, command and locomotive come as seen – there are no turret options (although the command car has a large radar which you could swap out for a turret if desired).

B300-1122 – 8-car Armoured Train – £12.50
B300-1123 – 4-car Armoured Train – £6.25
B300-1137 – Scout Cars (x2) – £3.50
B300-1138 – Tank Cars (x2) – £3.50
B300-1139 – Artillery Cars (x2) – £3.50
B300-1140 – Infantry Cars (x2) – £3.00
B300-1141 – Command Cars (x2) – £3.25
B300-1142 – Armoured Locomotive (x2) – £3.00