Castle Upgrades

We have a trio of new add-ons for the budding 1/1000th scale castle builders out there.

First up is a new large bastion to fit the Vauban Fortifications range. This is the Baluarte de San Domingo, part of the walls of the Colombian coastal city of Cartagena de Indias. We’ve tweaked it slightly to fit the dimensions of our existing wall pieces, so it should nicely into your layout. The original has guns lining the ramparts – we don’t supply any, but our fort guns pack would be ideal.

Next is a new keep for the modular castles range – this one has a triangular layout with a round tower at each corner. It’s not based on any specific historical prototype, but may have uses when making a fantasy castle.

Finally, another castle add-on. This is a Dansker, also known as a latrine tower. These were towers over a running stream which were linked to the main building by a bridge – sometimes they extended out over the main castle wall. They were often features of central European castles (such as our Crusader castle) – I’m sure you can guess their purpose from the name (!). The origin of the alternative name Dansker isn’t clear – it comes either from the town of Danzig, from Dansk meaning Dane (ie one from Denmark) or an old Prussian word meaning ‘wet or humid’ – take your pick…

SSS-8121e – Triangular Keep – £2.00
SSS-8152e – Baluarte de San Domingo – £3.00
SSS-8192 – Dansker – £1.75