Holiday time

Next week Tony’s off for a late summer holiday (staying in a posh tent like the one below), so we will effectively be closed for a few days. We’ve posted as many orders as we could get done in the time, although with the Royal Mail strikes this week it will be a few days before these finally reach you (however, today’s has been called off which will ease things a little). Any outstanding orders will be tackled as soon as we get back on the 19th of September. Because we already have a not-insignificant backlog of orders, we will be closing the webshop for a few days – you’ll still be able to browse, but we’ll disable the shopping cart. We don’t usually do this, but we feel it’s better to not take any orders for a short period than allow a very large backlog to accumulate which would leave people waiting a while for their orders while we work through it. Obviously we’ll post on here as soon as we’re back to normal again.

This afternoon we set off for Colours, which is happening tomorrow for the first time in three years – and this year entrance is free, to encourage as large an attendance as possible. We’re on the ground floor at the eastern end of the building, stand A26. The stand may look a little sparse – this year we’re pared things down for minimal set-up/pack-up time, so Tony can make a fast getaway, head back to the workshop, unload everything from his car and then reload it again the next morning with luggage and dog ! We’ll have the usual comprehensive selection of stock, just fewer display models.

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