Yes, we’ll definitely be there!

Just a quick post to confirm that, despite the recent bout of illness at Brigade Towers, we will be at SELWG on Sunday. Tony’s been taking his medicine and it seems to be working, so he was able to pop down to the workshop for the first time in a couple of weeks and load up this morning. The website remains closed at the moment, as we still have orders that need to be cleared first.

Stock may be a little patchy – Colours was a very successful show and we sold a lot of stuff, but that stock needs replacing and we simply haven’t been able to do that completely. Most ranges are ok, but there are a few gaps in our Imperial Skies fleet packs in particular.

We do have a couple of new items; while Tony has been on his sick bed, Phil has been working the 3D printer hard and adding a couple of new items to the list of Great War vehicles.

First is a crashed Nieuport 17 fighter – this would make a great scenario objective for a game.

Secondly we have the Russian Austin Kegresse half-track armoured car, plus a destroyed version.

Finally, we have the German Bussing A5P armoured car. These will be on the website very soon, Phil’s just finishing off the painted versions and photos for the website.

GW28-301 – Bussing A5P – £21.00
GW28-402d – Crashed Nieuport 17 – £18.00
GW28-501 – Austin Kegresse Armoured Car – £18.00
GW28-501d – Destroyed Austin Kegresse – £18.00

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