Return to the Desert

First up – we are aware that a small number of people are having problems completing orders through the website. The PayPal shopping cart isn’t allowing you to complete the order, either returning an error message or just simply sitting and spinning. If this is the case, please send us an email and we can generate an invoice for you that should work OK. Unfortunately it’s something that’s beyond our control, we just plug the PayPal shopping cart into our website and hope that it works (which it does most of the time).

This week’s new offering is this trio of buildings in our Desert Domes 6mm buildings range. We have a small circular tower, an oval shaped building plus a pair of small domes linked by a passageway. There’s also a new set with two of each of the new models, plus four of the existing small domed dwellings.

Of course you don’t have to use them as desert buildings – you can paint them grey or brown and use them in a different setting.

BP300-403 – Desert Domes Pack #3 – £15.00
B300-414 – Medium Oval Buildings – £1.75
B300-415 – Small Tower – £2.50
B300-416 – Twin Dome Building – £2.25

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