Killer Whale

First a reminder – it’s Colours tomorrow, hopefully we’ll see some of you there.

And another reminder – we’re on holiday next week, the website will remain open for orders but nothing will get dealt with until we return on Monday 18th. This covers orders from the 7th of September onwards – unfortunately restocking and loading for the show yesterday meant that we weren’t able to tackle a couple of orders that came in during the day.

And now – something new for the Antipodeans; the Orca class Battlecruiser sets off for distant stars, bolstering the PacFed spacefleet.

A two-piece metal kit, it boasts four engines (more engines = more speed, of course !) and photon torpedo tubes in the main hull.

We’ll have some in stock on Saturday at Colours, and any mail orders will be dealt with when we return from holiday.

SFS-702 – Orca class Battlecruiser – £4.50

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