A Decade On

It’s a small but significant anniversary today – it’ll be ten years since one of us (Tony to be precise) took the plunge and threw himself into Brigade full time. Overall, Brigade has been running for almost 36 years, but for the first quarter century it was a part-time exercise. We didn’t announce it until a little later as there were a few legal loose-ends to tie up first, so you won’t have known at the time, but Tony’s first day as a full-time Brigadier was Jan 16th, 2014. A lot of water (and resin and metal) has flowed under the bridge since then.

At a rough estimate, we’ve released well over 2000 new items in those ten years – that’s something like four a week !

  • 270 15mm SF vehicles
  • 253 Imperial Skies craft
  • 239 6mm SF vehicles
  • 213 Small Scale Scenery items
  • 151 6mm buildings and scenery items, and 22 packs
  • 149 Spaceships
  • 118 packs of 15mm figures
  • 117 15mm detachments and platoon packs
  • 100 sheets of 15mm decals
  • 84 6mm detachments and company packs
  • 68 15mm buildings and scenery items
  • 67 Imperial Skies fleet and flotilla packs
  • 51 packs of assorted 15mm accessories and components
  • 42 assorted packs of accessories and components for Imperial Skies
  • 21 10mm SF buildings
  • 20 Spaceship squadron packs
  • 18 28mm WWI vehicles
  • 14 Squadron Commander fighters
  • 12 packs of 28mm WWI Belgian figures
  • 12 1/700th coastal forts and buildings
  • 11 15mm WWI vehicles
  • 10 packs of 6mm figures
  • 4 Celtos army packs for SAGA

plus of course the various packs of dice and bases, plus rulebooks, gameplay aids etc.

As a small celebration, here’s another splendid looking Brigadier to add to our collection. Technically, he’s not actually a Brigadier – in fact we outrank him, as he’s a Lieutenant Colonel. Lt Colonel Carrera in fact, of the Royalist army on Pontefract. He appears in the Hammer’s Slammers story The Darkness, and we were always struck by the description of him – “An officer in a green dress uniform with gold crossbelts was coming up the steps from one of the trailers, steadying his bicorne hat“. We just had to have a version of the Brigadier in a bicorne ! So here he is, sculpted for us by Jeremey ‘Germy’ Claridge.

SF15-016 РBrigadier in Bicorne Р£0.50

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