Hindi Troopers

To follow on from our recent 15mm Hindi armoured vehicles for Hammer’s Slammers, we have some new infantry figures to accompany them, this time from Jeremey Claridge. There’s a nine-man infantry section (NCO, SAW gunner, buzzbomb gunner and two each of three riflemen) plus some heavy weapon teams. They are wearing full-face helmets with respirator masks, fatigues with knee and elbow pads plus a semi-rigid backpack.

There are also some light support laser teams for fire support, and weapon crew figures so you can man the new towed guns that are a crucial part of the Hindi forces.

John Treadaway has recently updated the Hindi detachment sheet on the Hammer’s Slammers website



HS15-4460 – Hindi Rifle Squad (x9) – £4.00
HS15-4461 – Hindi Crew Figures (x4) – £1.50
HS15-4462 – Hindi Support Laser Teams (x2) – £3.00

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