Hindi Detachments

Welcome to a new month, after a January that seemed to last about 60 days. The latest update on the order backlog is that by the end of today’s casting session we should have finished almost every order from January (there’s an odd one that needs a couple of 3D printed items) – so, in other words, we’ve finally caught up (go us !) and what passes for normal service has resumed.

This week we’ve added three 15mm Hammer’s Slammers detachment packs to the website for the Hindi Army. These are Heavy Armoured (lots of H-Tanks), Armoured Grenadier (infantry and scout cars) and Support (plenty of towed guns). To complete these we needed Hindi infantry missile teams, so we’ve added these to the website as well.

HSD14-4401 – Hindi Armoured Grenadier Detachment – £56.50
HSD14-4402 – Hindi Heavy Armoured Detachment – £90.00
HSD14-4403 – Hindi Support Detachment – £173.00
HS15-4463 – Hindi Missile Teams (x2) – £3.00

And in a complete 180-turn, here’s a new spaceship. Someone asked us why we didn’t have an armed version of our Medium Container Ship – after all, the parts are all interchangeable with the other container vessels. So we quickly put one together, gave it a lick of paint and added it to the website.

SFS-5005a – Medium Armed Merchant – £2.25

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