Action and Adventure

(Brigadier’s log, show date S-25)

Every year we try to come up with a lineup of new releases for Salute, and it’s time to start our previews of this year’s offerings.

Much of our 15mm sci-fi output in recent years has been concentrated on Hammer’s Slammers, but our first Salute release this year is anything but. Jeremey ‘Germy’ Claridge has created a new range of 15mm civilian adventurer figures for us, ideal for rulesets such as Stargrave, 5 Parsecs From Home and (of course) Traveller.

We have four packs of six figures, a mix of humans and various aliens. These include several Tolero who have obviously escaped Eta Odin IV and made their way in the big bad universe, plus a Yenpalo warrior alongside a number of others. As well as civilian adventurers, the figures would also work as ragtag mercenaries, insurgents or rebels.

This is pack one – we’ll be previewing the other packs as soon as we get them painted.

SF15-017 – Adventurers Pack #1 – £3.50

Desert cloth by Tiny Wargames; backdrops by Jon Hodgson; adobe building by Blotz (with added bits by us).

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