Return of an Ancient Threat

(Brigadier’s log, show date S – 22)

Next on this year’s Salute line-up are some classic models from the archives. We’ve dug Germy’s 15mm Cimexian bugs out of storage, revamped the masters (the formerly two part hulls are now one piece), made some new moulds and one of the galaxy’s slimier races has slithered back into view.

So far we’ve refurbished seven of the masters, with three tanks, an APC-equivalent, an artillery bug, a walker bug and finally a brain bug to control all of the others (the Lygan is the one missing from the photo). More photos as and when we finish painting these.

BUG15-001 – Ixod Heavy Tank – £9.00
BUG15-002 – Coccid Medium Tank – £8.00
BUG15-003 – Isop Light Tank – £6.00
BUG15-004 – Prion APC – £7.00
BUG15-005 – Homon Brain Bug – £5.00
BUG15-006 – Apis Walker – 8.00
BUG15-009 – Lygan Artillery Bug – £10.00

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